Efienemokwu James
1 min readAug 15, 2021

Much earlier this year, I enrolled in the Ingressive for good Zuri internship. It was a program that helped fast track my growth as a frontend developer. From writing my first “Hello World” with plain HTML to leading my frontend team to complete the final project in the concluding stage, all within nine months. Zuri was quite an intense platform to be very honest as I was also having my first semester examinations at that time, so keeping up with deadlines was quite a task but with determination and grit I concluded the training for myself and my team.

As a promise to myself and for the sake of accountability, I hope to keep up with HNG, to give my all to the best of my ability and consolidate my growth, technically as a web developer and my communicatively either as a team lead or a team member. I promise to treat everybody with respect and maintain a willingness to learn. So help me God.


HTML tutorial:

JavaScript tutorial:

Figma tutorial:

GIT tutorial:



Efienemokwu James

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